Drawings by Diane Thompson


Wendy Reis, Stratford ON, Prolific Prose.com

I have always loved Diane’s buoyancy, her positive approach to everything in life and the depth of feeling that flows into her art. She recently asked me to look over her website.  I found myself riveted to each image.  I felt as if I was “right there”, smelling, hearing, seeing, almost tasting everything she drew.  It is a sensual experience. It was almost painful to tear myself away from each piece, but as soon as I was soaking up the next one I was wishing I hadn’t waited so long!  You hear people say, sarcastically, “So much to see, so little time.” I mean it from the depths of my being.  I am making it a goal to own some of Diane’s originals as soon as I can manage it.

Diane is gifted.  I am privileged to know her.

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